Learning at OLA

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“Visible teaching and learning occurs when learning is the explicit goal: when there is feedback given and sought and when there are active, passionate, and engaging people, including teachers, students, and peers participating in the act of learning” (John Hattie).

Research evidence confirms that the “biggest effects on student learning occur when teachers become learners of their own teaching, and when students become their own teachers”. This allows students to show self-regulatory attributes that are most desirable for learners, including self-monitoring, self-evaluation, self-assessment, and self-teaching. Another important message about Visible Learning is that: ‘What teachers do matters’, particularly those who teach in the most deliberate and visible way.  These teachers intervene in calculated and meaningful ways to alter the direction of learning in order to attain the desired goals. They also provide students with a range of learning strategies, including direction and re-direction and maximising the power of feedback from the student.
Successful classrooms have visible teaching and learning, where there is great passion displayed by the teacher and learner, and where there is a variety and depth of skill and knowledge by both teacher and student. Teachers and students must know when learning is correct or incorrect; learn when to experiment; learn to monitor, seek and give feedback; and know how to try alternative learning strategies.
At OLA frequent opportunity is provided to engage in professional dialogue to ensure that staff and students are involved in a growth model, where positive mindset is essential for moving learning forward.  The school has created a set of learning attributes that we believe are essential within our context.  Through consultation with staff, students and other community members the following OLA’s (Our Learning Attributes) were created and embedded within classroom practice:  Self-direction, Collaboration, Creativity, Persistence and Reflection.