Making Jesus Real



Making Jesus Real

OLA is an MJR school.

MJR is not a program – it's a way of life……..for everyone.

MJR teaches us to be:

  W  Welcoming

  E   Encouraging

  S   able to say Sorry

  T   able to say Thanks


MJR makes us mindful of how we GTS:

GREET        TREAT        SPEAK


MJR shows us how to be Happy Chappies and Happy Chickies with positive, happy attitudes. We learn to take the good with the bad, how to be a grinner and a winner and that teamwork makes the dream work. We also learn how to take time to reflect and to look out for the spirit of Jesus in our lives.


MJR is a whole school approach that brings the presence of Jesus into our everyday language and actions. It provides us with the opportunity to recognize Jesus in practical and relevant ways throughout each and every day.


MJR is a way of life for all members of our OLA community to teach and witness to each other in all that we do and say. It is a positive, Catholic way of life highlighting the importance of respectful relationships with everyone that we come into contact with on a daily basis.


Live Jesus in our hearts……FOREVER!!