Our School Song

“Here At OLA"
Composed by Michael Mangan

We come together as God’s own family.
We live and celebrate in peace and harmony.
Something special’s living here it’s part of you and me,
Standing strong at Wavell Heights for all the world to see.

CHORUS: We love to live, we love to learn,
We try to open up our hearts and let God’s Spirit burn,
‘Cos we want to shine every single day,
We want to grow in love together and let God perfect our ways
Here at OLA.

We serve with kindness and Jesus shows the way.
We respect each other in all we do and say.
We play and pray together each and every day,
Growing and discovering here at OLA.


There’s beauty all around us from the mountains to the bay.
Our Lady of the Angels guides us on our way.
The Presentation spirit is with us every day
As we learn to let our lanterns shine here at OLA.