Student Protection

​​At Our Lady of the Angels' School the desire to protect children and young people is based upon the belief that each person is made in the image of God and that the inherent dignity of all should be recognised and fostered.   We believe that student protection is an integral part of student wellbeing and that this focus can inspire hope and a positive vision for the future for our students.

OLA Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy 2018.pdf

For us, making the school a place of safety, a nurturing community of care, is an essential part of our ethos and underpins our commitment to the protection of students. We strive to ensure a culture where all acknowledge and understand that student protection is the responsibility of everyone.  

In order to create this culture all staff and volunteers participate in student protection professional learning in order to assist them to understand their legal, policy and pastoral responsibilities and to respond appropriately to student protection concerns.
Important in developing this culture is the education of our students about personal safety strategies.  The safety and wellbeing of students is at the centre of every preventative and protective action we take.

Student Protection Contacts at Our Lady of the Angels' School are:-              
                    Sue Branson - Principal               

                  Paul McGlone - APA                 

​                  Keira Roffey-Mitchell – Guidance Counsellor

Students know they can go to a Student Protection Contact with any concern about something happening at school or away from school.

The following hyperlinks connect you to documentation on Student Protection developed by Brisbane Catholic Education:

Code of Conduct for Volunteers-Other-Personnel

Volunteer Training

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