Uniform Shop is run by the school and staffed by the Uniform Shop Convenor.

The Uniform Shop sells new and second-hand uniforms (when in stock).

Uniform shop hours – Wednesday morning 8:15am - 9.00am

School Uniform Code

Our Lady of the Angels' school community takes pride in its school uniform. It is a highly visible symbol of who we are.

The wearing of the school uniform helps to maintain a sense of belonging amongst all children in the school.  It is also a public symbol to the community of who the children are.  The wearing of school uniform in a neat and tidy manner is to be assisted by teachers encouraging the correct items being worn and worn properly. Children are expected to wear the full school uniform with pride and keep it clean and presentable.

Parents are asked to ensure their child is wearing the correct school uniform at all times. Substitutes are not acceptable. All items (except for shoes) can be purchased from the school's Uniform Shop.

​Please ensure that all items are clearly marked with the child's name.

​Formal Checked Uniform

OLA School Socks or white socks that cover the ankle are to be worn with both uniforms.

Black leather lace up/velcro shoes

Navy Wide Brim OLA School Hat / OLA Bucket Hat

Sports Uniform 

OLA Unisex Navy Shorts

OLA Unisex Sports Shirt with House colour.

Sports shoes

OLA School Socks or White socks that cover the ankle are to be worn with both uniforms.

Cold Weather Options 

OLA School Jacket/Jumper

Navy tracksuit pants

Navy tights

Hair ribbons, headbands, clips or scrunchies should be Navy, Red or White.   


Acceptable forms of jewellery may include one or more of the following: 

  • A set of earrings; these being plain surgical studs or sleepers worn in the lower ear lobes. One piercing per earlobe is permitted. Other visible piercings / tattoos are not permitted.
  • One fine necklace, with the option of a discrete and suitable Christian symbol may be worn around the neck e.g. a cross or medal.  
  • No rings or wrist jewellery allowed, except for a watch and medical bracelets.
  • All jewellery is to be removed by students before playing in school sports teams and before participating in competitive physical educational activities. In general, this would not include Health and Physical Education lessons.
  • Watches are acceptable, however no smart watches that have communication capabilities.

Sun Hat

Students are required to wear the OLA hat with the embroidered logo for all school outside activities and whilst travelling to and from school. The school has a 'No hat, no play' policy.


Cleanliness and grooming standards are expected to be well maintained by all students.

Students are not permitted to wear nail polish or make-up.