School Board

The Pastoral School Board operates under the ‘shared wisdom’ or ‘shared decision making’ model developed by Sister Mary Benet McKinney and designed to enhance the inclusive catholic community of OLA.
The purpose of the School Board is to involve the local community in the "big picture" of school planning and to assist in setting direction for the school.
"Parents and parishioners on local Pastoral Boards bring to decision-making the wisdom of parent educators to complement the skills of teacher educators and pastors"  (Boards in Catholic Education, 2001).
The Board is "pastoral" – concerned with nurturing the dignity and self-worth of people, building life giving relationships and the holistic educational welfare of the children.  School boards within the Catholic education system do not follow a business/management model but a ‘shared wisdom’ model of decision-making - everyone has a piece of the wisdom, no-one has all the wisdom, we all get different pieces.

Under its constitution the Board comprises of representatives from across the school and parish community. They include the parish priest, the school principal, teaching staff representatives, parish members and school parent representatives. Only two executive positions are appointed, chairperson and secretary, and both are elected at the annual general meeting.

The Board is a body with consultative responsibilities and is advisory in nature. Key tasks include advising on planning, budgeting, policy development and maintenance of school educational facilities. The Pastoral Board provides an opportunity for all areas of the local community to actively and positively contribute to school community. This fosters a harmonious, inclusive, productive and rewarding environment.