Specialist Programs

Our Lady of Angels’ provides a range of specialist activities for our students to enjoy:


Physical Education

A Physical Education specialist takes each class in the school for a weekly lesson to develop their physical capacities and skills. Our program follows the Australian Curriculum.   It is executed in such a way to develop in the children an enthusiasm for physical activity and a love of sport, which will lead to a healthy and active lifestyle. 


All students participate in intensive swimming lessons during class time.  These lessons are led by experienced professional swimming coaches at Nudgee College.  All students participate in the school swimming carnivals which are separated into Senior and Junior Days. 

Cross Country

Training starts for cross country during Term One, all students are welcome.  The OLA Cross Country is run onsite early in Term Two.


The OLA school athletics Carnival is held at Nudgee College during Term Three.  All students participate in a range of track and field and novelty events.  We encourage participation and team spirit.

Zone 6 Interschool Sport, Activities and Gala Day

Throughout Term Two, students in Years 4 to 6 participate in a chosen sport or activity each Thursday afternoon.  A choice of Rugby League, Touch Football, Netball or Rock Climbing is offered to the children.  A Gala Day acts as a culmination and celebration of the term’s sport participation.


Students participate in Dance lessons conducted by Dance Cart.  These lessons are during school time and culminate in a performance for parents and the school community.

Representative Sport

At different times during the year students who excel in particular sports or events will be invited to compete in Zone 6, Central District or Metropolitan North teams.  Students will be notified of upcoming events in our school Newsletter.


A class music program conducted by our Music specialist for Years Prep to Year 6 ensures a quality Music education is available to all students.

LOTE: French

The French program is offered to students in Years Prep to Year 6 . The program consists of a combination of French language and culture. The focus is on communication, so lessons are based on speaking and listening skills, as well as reading and writing, while becoming aware of the customs, traditions and celebrations of the French people.

Digital Technology

The Digital Technology program is offered to students in Years 2 to 6. The program is based on the Australian Technology curriculum. The students learn many skills from coding Lego robots, Sphero Bolts and mini drones to photography and video production, website design, podcasting​ and many other exciting things.